A six-pack of Superbowls!

Well the NFL season is officially over except for that one game that the all-stars get to play in sunny Hawaii next week that doesn’t really matter for a hill of beans in the grand scheme of things. So are you ticked that the Steelers won? Upset that the final Cardinals play WAS NOT reviewed? Steaming over the fact that Santonio Holmes got his toes down? Mad that Harrison ran for 100 yards for a Superbowl record longest play ever? Does it matter now? No it doesn’t. The game is over, the Steelers are the Superbowl champions (notice I did not say the best team I the NFL), and the Cardinals will have to go home and try again next year. Do I think they will be in the playoffs next year? Yes, if they can keep everyone around that helped them make it this year. Will they make it to the big dance again? Who knows. No one thought they would be here this year. Only time will tell.

I do know this. Kurt Warner had a heck of a game. Ben Roethlisberger redeemed himself from his poor performance in Superbowl XL where he went 9/21 for 123 yards and 2 interceptions. He did rush for a touchdown in that game and almost got one in this one, but as a passer he did horrible in SB XL. Not this time. Kurt Warner probably cemented his spot in the Hall of Fame unless something dreadful happens.

Who did I root for? Not really sure. Like my wife I was rooting for a great game and I think we got one. No, I know we got one. Best ever? No. Top 3? Maybe. Top 5? Absolutely. To see Pittsburgh grab their 6th title was pretty cool. It would have been just as cool to see the Cardinals put an end to a 61 year drought without a title. Ok I was pulling for the Cardinals a little bit more than the Steelers. There are so many Pittsburgh fans in Charlotte, it makes me sick. One of the reasons I cannot stand the Tarheels (or tar-holes as me and my brother like to call them) is because everyone who has a nose on their face is a fan. There are just too many of them, but that is for another post. Back to the game.

There were a few things that could have gone either way. But if it was the old days, before instant reply, it would not have mattered in the least and the outcome would have been the same. The Cardinals killed themselves with 3 personal fouls that kept a Steelers drive alive more than once. You CANNOT do that and win the Superbowl. Never gonna happen.

It was an exciting year to say the least. Ok so you are wondering who I think the best team in the NFL is? Well I will try to answer and no it isn’t the Panthers although they are in the top 5. So here is my list:

1. Tennessee Titans

2. New York Giants

3. Carolina Panthers

4. Baltimore Ravens

5. Pittsburgh Steelers

I’m sure I will take flake for that list, so be it. Bigger and better things are on the horizon. 12 days and 20 hours until the green flag drops at Daytona 🙂

I’m sure I will talk about the draft and training camp and preseason, but until August, except for NASCAR, there won’t be much sports to talk about. Yeah there is Baseball and the college basketball tourney, but those really don’t count now do they….