Is Florida the Number 1 team in the Nation?

Let this be considered my official anti-BCS Championship post 🙂

Well I was about to spew off a few words about Utah and their undefeated season and why I feel they should be the National Champions, but while researching a few things on ESPN I ran across this article by Rick Reilly that sums up everything I have ever wanted to say about the BCS and why it isn’t fair. Rick hit the nail squarely on the head with this one. He said all of what I was about to say and then some. I guess if I want to write things in a blog I need to be quicker about it 🙂

One thing I would like to say about Urban Meyer is that if you didn’t know he used to coach at Utah. He also went undefeated there back in 2004 and did not get a title game. They played in and won the Fiesta Bowl and finished ranked number 4 in the AP poll. Now in 2008, they go undefeated again and get the Sugar Bowl against formally ranked number 1 Alabama whom they beat thoroughly. Utah has now won 8 Bowl games in a row and 11 of 15 in the schools history.

Also Urban Meyer said just today that “I can’t think of many schools that are better than Utah” and that “Utah is a much better program than most BCS programs. That’s most.” Wow, that says a lot coming from the coach who just won the “national” championship.

Another good article from Rick is this one. If you hate the Tar-holes as much as my brother I do, you will want to read this one!

Doing a little research about Rick, I found out that he was a writer for SI for 23 years and now works for ESPN. Good stuff that I have read from him so far. I might even subscribe to ESPN The Magazine, he writes a column in that too. He also co-wrote Leatherheads, starring and directed by George Clooney. I didn’t see this movie, not a huge George Clooney fan.

Well big weekend coming up in the NFL playoffs – time to get back to some real football! Go Panthers!!!