This is pretty cool.

Just this past Monday it was announced that the merger between GEM and Petty Enterprises would be named Richard Petty Motorsports as I wrote about in my last blog. Today I did a search for richard petty motorsports on Google and found this. I will let you read what the owner of that site has to say but it is very cool what he did. If you don’t feel like going there I will summarize. When he found out that the two teams were going to merge he did a search to see if was available and to his (and probably most other race fans) it was, so he purchased it. Not sure who through, doesn’t really matter. You can get a domain name for under 10 bucks these days so no skin off his back I would guess.

Anyway, he posted a note on the site saying that he is going to give the domain to RPM free of charge if they want it (who wouldn’t). He is doing this because a few years ago Richard Petty, Greg Biffle, and Darrell Waltrip went to Washing state (where this guy is from as well as Greg Biffle and Kasey Kahne) to talk to politicians up there to see what they can do to get a racetrack and Sprint Cup race in the Northwest. According to Dale Renner, owner of this site, they were basically laughed out of the state.

By Dale giving this domain to the new RPM team, it is his way of apologizing to the three men who came to spread NASCAR to the Northwest. I say good for you Dale! I hope there are more people out there like you and I hope they are all NASCAR fans! This is what Yahoo! sports blogger Jay Busbee had to say about this site. This was also posted before the name was announced.


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