I am embarrassed!

My oh my how a season of unbelievable football can go down the toilet that fast! What in the world were the Panthers doing? I’m no football coach, but to not stick with what has been so successful all year long, too not cover one of the best receivers in the game (Larry Fitzgerald), and to not take Delhomme out of the game (as a good friend suggested should have happened, although he admits he is not a Delhomme fan to begin with) after he threw – oh I don’t know maybe his 3rd of 5 interceptions??? It was painful to watch after thier opening drive resulted in a touchdown and first stop of the Cardinals in the beginning of the game which had us all on a high and then have the rug pulled out from under us. The fans were duped. This was supposed to have been the Panthers year. They should have handled the Cardinals better and at least made a game out of it. Fans were leaving before the 3rd quarter was over and the only ones left were the Arizona fans. It was so bad I even got a text message from a friend in Arizona rubbing salt in the open wound. Thanks Scott!

Well I was pretty far off on my predictions. Good thing I don’t gamble. The only home team that won this weekend was Pittsburgh. And really that was the only good game as well. I’m and NFC fan but I think the Steelers might be the new champions in a couple of weeks. They will have a tough fight on their hands next week when Baltimore comes to town, but playing in Pittsburgh in January? I wouldn’t want to do that.

Next week should be a couple of good matchups, but I really think the AFC will win it all this year. We shall see.