The end of Petty Enterprises?

Man what in the world is happening to NASCAR? Just 6 months ago Richard Petty sold a majority of the business to Boston Ventures, an investment business, in the hopes of breathing life back into the crown jewell of NASCAR. A Petty car has not been to victory lane since 1999 and Bobby LaBonte seemed like their best hope when they signed him up. Also 6 months ago at the same time they extended Bobby’s contract for 4 more years as a driver and beyond to serve in some type of capacity in Petty Enterprises. Basically it was a lifetime contract (or so it seemed). But today they announced that that contract has been tossed out the window. Seems like they decided together that it would be better for the two to part ways.

Petty Enterprises is in talks with Gillett-Evernham Motorsports for a merger and would only take the 43 car that Bobby drove. They already basically got rid of Kyle (Petty, not that snot nosed kid from Las Vegas) and he isn’t even sure of what he will be doing next year. Now Bobby is out of a job too. Seems that General Mills pulled their sponsorship over to Richard Childress Racing and left the 43 high and dry for a full time sponsor.

Here is the kicker for me though. If the merger between Petty and GEM falls through, Petty Enterprises will run the 43 as a one car team! So whowill be the driver if you let Bobby go? Chad McCumbee was supposed to drive the 45 so where does he fit in all this?

I think Kyle should be brought back to drive the 43 for Petty Enterprises. I don’t want to see a merger, but I certainly understand the need for one. These guys are taking a beating in this economy and they are doing what they can to survive. Don’t know why motorsports are taking such a hit but other sports aren’t. I do know that there were rumors that the Areana Football League would cancel the entier 2009 season, but it hasnt happened yet. You have the Yankees who just signed pitcher CC Sabathia for 7 years for $161 million bucks and offered a deal to another pitcher, 5 years $80 million bucks! NASCAR teams can’t get sponsors, Petty Enterprises can’t stay afloat, banks are failing, home prices have plummeted, hundreds of thousands of people are out of work, but a baseball pitcher can sign a record contract and get paid  $23 million a year to work around 35 days during the season, and sometimes they don’t even finish their job (releivers, gotta love em).

Something is wrong with this country. I hope it gets fixed soon.