Just another reason I will never use Facebook again

Yep, you read that right, I deleted my Facebook account. How can I live without it, you ask? I have been for almost 3 months now. I don’t even miss it. Suzanne said I made her a Facebook widow. Sorry babe!

Facebook might have been cool at one time, but I feel that it will continue on its course of self destruction or at the very least, get mired down in litigation by other countries that might follow Germany’s lead.

If Germany is successful in suing Facebook and winning, we might see some changes. But from what I have read and seen about Zuckerberg, I highly doubt it. He is for all intents and purposes a fascist dictator who only has his own agenda at heart. Why do you think he has not released an IPO of Facebook stock to the public? Because if he does, he has to answer to the people for real, not just users who, for the most part, blindly use Facebook and throw everything they have at it willy-nilly.

He counts on that. People don’t usually read privacy policies and if they do, they probably just skim over it. I know, I have done that very thing. But if the public owns stock in his company then they will have a bigger voice. Right now he gets his money from advertising companies who, like Zuckerberg, only have their best interests at heart. They could care less what personal information they are using as long as they get it.

And that is why I don’t use the site anymore. Facebook is done all wrong. It could be better. He could let us decide what info to share and what not to share.

But he doesn’t.

And he probably never will.

And I will probably never be back.

German minister sees Facebook fined over privacy | Reuters.


One response to “Just another reason I will never use Facebook again

  1. Ok, you make a really good argument. So how do I keep up with my “not to close but still interested in your stuff” friends? I can’t get everyone’s email addresses and texts. Yes Facebook could do it differently. As for me, I will just check in every once in a while, not live there. I like your point of view and opinions.

    Love ya!