About Me

Hey there everyone. I am new to blogging on a regular bassis. I have had blogs before that I never kept up with but this one will be different.

I love sports. I love football, NASCAR, and BASS. Ok so that isn’t all the sports there are, but those are the ones I follow on a regualr basis. My favorite teams are the Carolina Panthers, Chicago Bears, and Tennessee Titans. My favotire NASCAR drivers are Kasey Kahne (for my daughter), Jimmy Johnson (for my wife), and anyone who drives a Dodge except for Juan Pablo Montoya. As for fishing I am a member of BASS and the North American Fishing Club. I don’t get to go fishing as often as I’d like but I keep up on as much as I can.

This blog is going to mostly be about the sports I follow, any news from them that I feel warrant an entry, my ramblings about them, my fantasy teams and efforts, and will have sprinkled about some personal entries as well. Oh and of course I will talk about my favorite type of car/truck…Dodge. I also might through a plug in here and there for my other business I do of being an AMSOIL Dealer and running JM Synthetics. You can check that out here.

I hope you enjoy reading  blog and will participate in it by leaving comments.

Thanks for stopping by!



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