What’s wrong in Carolina?

Headline, October 25, 2009, Charlotte, NC. First downs, 20-9. Total yards, 425-167. Time of possession, 35-25. All in favor of the Carolina Panthers. Final score, 20-9, Buffalo Bills. What’s wrong with this picture? We can blame a lot of people in the Panthers organization but I didn’t see very many shinning moments to hope for. The lone exception being DeAngelo Williams and his 139 total yards and one touchdown and that wasn’t really anything to write home about considering he was up against the thirty-second ranked run defense.

Something needs to happen and happen fast. Other teams sit bad performing players all the time. Why arent we doing that here? Because if we did, there would be no one left on the field. Which almost seems to be where they are now. No one seems to be playing with the intention of winning. Sure, they all come out and say that they want to win and that is why they are on the field, but when you look at their game play, you wonder if they really feel it in their hearts. Jake was benched in the first game against the Eagles, but why Coach Fox keeps starting him is a mystery. Oh wait. Maybe it’s that 42 million dollar, five year contract he signed before this season, after the dismal playoff loss to the Cardinals.

I love the Panthers. I’m glad we have an NFL team in Charlotte. I love that we made it to the Superbowl in the first ten years of the teams existence as Jerry Richardson promised. But we have never had back to back winning seasons and from what I have seen through the first six games, it looks like that tradition will remain in tact.

Maybe I will jump on a winning teams bandwagon as some of my other friends have. The Falcons? I used to pull for them before we were blessed with the Panthers. The Bengals? My mom’s family lives in Cincinnati. I can always root for the Bears. I was born in the shadow of the Windy City. Nah, they just got spanked by the aforementioned Bengals. What’s a Panthers fan to do?

I guess I will do what I have done every season after a winning one. Hold my breath, cross my fingers, close my eyes, hope that we come out of the season on some type of high note, and hope for a better season next year.

I had just hoped that next year was this one.


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