The end is near for Petty Enterprises

Well nothing is comfirmed yet but it is probably all said and done. PE will most likely merge with Gillett Evernham Motorsports giving GEM the famed number 43 and will most likely be driven by Reed Sorenson. Bobbly Labonte who was driving the 43 for the past couple of years is still without a car or a job. He won the Championship (the Winston Cup) back in 2000 and is now unemployed. Sad times indeed.

I did not want to start out 2009 with a sad report but that is one of the things that I read first so I led with that. Not too many people reading this blog yet anyway. Hopefully that will change 🙂


Well the NFL playoffs have begune with all 4 road teams this weekend being favored over the home team. First time that has happened since NFL-AFL merger. Arizona bucked that right off the bat by beating visiting Atlanta 30-24 to advance to the second round. Colts-Chargers are playing now and I will update tomorrow night after the other 2 games are played. Panthers, Giants, Titans, and Steelers have this weekend off.

Till tomorrow…


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