Well the new year is coming

And what is there to talk about? Well 2008 was a pretty good year. A Dodge won the Daytona 500 for only the second time since Richard Petty won his last in the famed number 43 back in 1974 (Ward Burton won in 2002 in an Intrepid). Kansas won the Men’s NCAA Basketball championship (whatever, Duke rules anyway!), a team from a city other than NY or Boston won the World Series (Philly), and Jimmie Johnson won his 3rd Sprint Cup Championship (in a row, the only other drive to do that is Cale Yarborough). No, I don’t really care much for basketball or hockey but if you must know, the Celtics and the Red Wings won respectively.

Well the Panthers just won the NFC South division and will be the number 2 seed in the playoffs, have a week off, and host a divisional round game here in Charlotte 2 weeks from now. They are the only team in the NFL this year to go unbeaten at home, 10-0 including the 2 preseason games. That’s awesome!!! Go Panthers!!!!

We will be out of town for the New Years celebration (going to Atlanta!) Not sure if I will post before then but if I do not I hope everyone has a dafe and Happy New Year!!


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