Oh well, whatcha gonna do?

Well it was the biggest game of the weekend (except for the other big game in the AFC) and the Panthers came up short. I won’t say we blew it because from where I was sitting we didn’t. It went back and forth most of the game. When the Giants scored, the Panthers would score and vice versa. Only at the end did it seem like the Panthers ran out of gas…on defense anyway. In the second half  and overtime the Giants outscored them 21-7. It only went to overtime when the weather took over and pushed what would have been a game winning 50 yard John Kasay field goal wide to the left. It was on the mark but you could almost see the wind pushing it over. Sad indeed.

Well now that it is over, the Panthers will only get the second seed in the NFC playoffs (assuming we win against the Saints next week or the Falcons loose). We will host at least one game in the playoffs after the bye week (again, if we win the division) and if the Giants loose their first playoff game (hey one can hope right) then the NFC Championship game will be here in Charlotte. Now that would be cool.

In other football news I won the championship game in the fantasy league I have been in since 2003. I won it once in 2005 and this year and last year I was the number 1 seed but was beat in the playoffs last year, but this year I won it all. Last year I had a record of 11-2, best in the 8 year history of that league. So in the 6 years I have been there I have had the number 1 seed twice, the best season record ever, and won the championship twice! I RULE!!! 🙂 but it sure does help to have players like DeAngelo Williams on my team who scored 4 touchdowns against the Giants. That is the second time this year he scored 4 touchdowns in one game. Not too shabby!

Go Panthers! Let’s lock up the division and take a much deserved week off before we start our run tot he Superbowl!


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