What a weekend for football!

Wow! That’s about all I can say. No wait…WOW!!!!! That’s better. We have not just one but two! Count them two (2) games this weekend with home-field advantage at stake.

In the first game there is the Steelers (11-3) going to Nashville to take on the Titans (12-2). According to this cool playoff scenario generator at Yahoo the Titans don’t have to win this game, but it is better for them to win at home this week than to have to win on the road at Indy AND rely on the Browns to beat the Steelers next week in Pittsburgh. At the beginning of the season I picked the Steelers and Cowboys for the Superbowl. I’m getting pretty close with the AFC side but dangit all I will be rooting for the Titans in this one!

In the NFC my beloved Panthers (11-3) are traveling to the Big Apple to  take on the New York Football Giants (11-3) in what will be the deciding game for who gets home-field advantage throughout the playoffs. For the Panthers it is a MUST WIN for them. They have to win this one. If they don’t they will still be the number 2 seed and host at least one game in the playoffs (and the NFC Championship game should the Giants fall in their first game), but they need to take care of business, go up there and show the rest of the league that the Panthers are for real!

This is a great weekend for football. Stay tuned…


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