My wife is right!

Not that I really didn’t know that to begin with, but there comes a time in every mans life when he has to come to grips with reality. When he first realizes that he never really has a clue as to what is going on around him and that the one person who does, the one person who keeps him sane and on the right track, is the person he has been married to for almost 10 years. For me, that occurred the other day when my wife suggested I write a sports blog. She seems to be impressed with all the NFL, NASCAR, and BASS stats that I keep stored away in this tiny brain of mine and said that it would be cool if I wrote all that stuff down in a blog. So, knowing that most of the stats I keep on file are actually already out there on the great device that Al Gore (a Democrat LOL) created known to all us mere mortals as the Internet, I have decided to change the format of my blog to a more sports/family/random thoughts (that’s for Cami!) oriented blog. I hope you enjoy what I hope will be enjoyable.

Even if you don’t like sports I may yet have something for you. I hope to share this with friends and family and make this a vehicle with which to express thoughts, encourage discussion, a little trash talk during the season (which for an NFL, NASCAR, and BASS fan never ends), and a place to keep up with me and and my family to see what is going on. I’m sure occasionally I will post some kind of pic or video of the family. They will probably be of Savannah glaring at me with that look of “Dad, you’re kidding right…another fishing show?” Or my wife wishing she had blocked SpeedTV. Ok that last one is not entirely true, I have successfully converted her to a true NASCAR fan and she loves to watch the Panthers.

Speaking of which I guess I can get started on my new format by mentioning tonights game betweent he Panthers and the Bucaneers. It is here in Charlotte and both teams are 9-3 tied for first place in the NFC South division. Tamps beat us in the first game on Oct 12 so the Panthers really need to win this one. And with the last 3 games against Denver, at the Giants and at New Orleans they need to step up and get some of the in the win column if not all of them. The Giants lost this week so the winner of tonights game (the Panthers) will only be one game back for home feild advantage throught the playoffs! Imagine that, the road to the SuperBowl coming through Charlotte!

Well the Bucs are nothing to sneeze at, and they have a tough defense. They have only allowed one, repeat one rushing touchdown this year, which doesn’t bode well for DeAngelo Williams, but I think he has what it takes if he gets the ball 20-30 times he will get it done. Go Panthers! I will update tomorrow after the game.

Until then…


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